P+ Projects

For more than 10 years, the OPP-Infoporc group has tested, researched and developed a production system that, in accordance with European animal welfare laws uses the best available technologies regarding electronic sow feeding systems and other synchronized computerized technologies.
Getting to achieve as good as or better animal performance from these systems has been a major challenge since it implied a steep learning curve. Today, we consider our group leads the way in what we call technological animal welfare systems (TAW), since our focus is on farms with electronic ID for sows an Electronic Sow Feeding Systems.

Our group provides technical support to pig producers in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and other countries, having provided support to set up pig housing & equipment facilities in the new TAW system, for more than 60.000 sows. This work goes from the definition of the design, to the Sales of the equipment, mounting supervision, staff training, start up coaching, to the remote supervision via internet.

We believe that we are the only pig consultant interdisciplinary group in the world that counts with a Commercial-School Farm of 3310 sows in Spain and a 2500 sows in Brazil. In these farms we train farm workers to manage this new generation of farms.
Today OPP-Infoporc counts with an international division that promotes the new technological model throughout the world.